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The first 3D Wedding Video is shot – Men will surely land on Mars one day

Joe Dorsey on August 16, 2010 - 9:19 am in Industry News

Yes, as DV Magazine so eloquently put it “somebody had to be the first.” His name will be recorded into the history books as Abraham Joffe of Sydney, Australia. Panasonic loaned him a 3DA1, and gave him a less than 24 hour crash course in stereography, then callously pushed him into possibly the toughest, most unforgiving, bone chilling, run and gun production environment known to man.  A freakin’ wedding. Seriously, I’ve got chills.

“I was extremely impressed with how these cameras performed under the quickly changing environments the wedding threw at us,” says Joffe. “They are also incredibly light and portable which makes them superb for moving about and quick setup.  3D adds a further level of complexity to your shoot — there is a lot to get your head around”

A mild understatement. Joffe and his award winning team of wedding filmmakers, god bless ’em, had the camera on a steadicam, and even hooked up a 3D television for the the guests to watch. DV made no mention of the post workflow, which I am really curious about.

So, all you wedding videographer heroes of mine out there…stay strong and learn to do your craft all over again for $999 if possible, the food was expensive.

3D Wedding Shoot – Sydney Australia from Abraham Joffe on Vimeo.

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