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How My Passion Became My Career

Daryn Johnson on July 19, 2012 - 11:31 am in pA Blog

If there’s one thing I remember the most, back when I was dying to
break into the television production business in the early 90’s, it was
this: I distinctly recall wishing there was a place I could go, where
many of the production mentors I admired the most would be gathered,
all in one place, ready to give me advice and answer my questions. If
I could actually watch them in action and learn from them, that would
be a bonus!

Now there IS such a place, and if you’re reading this post, you’re
there too! It’s called Production Apprentice.

I wish this site was around when I was starting out in the business. I
remember reading anything I could get my hands on pertaining to my
passion – film and television directing.

Reading is one thing, but seeing a director in action is quite
another. THAT’S what was lacking back then; the opportunity to see
what I was reading put into motion. Through this site I look forward to showing you
behind the scenes video tutorials.

With Production Apprentice, my goals are to blog about what I know,
what I’ve experienced, my mistakes along the way, and perhaps most
importantly, the lessons I’ve learned from those mistakes.

I’m also looking forward to answering your questions, from how to
break into the business of film and live television directing, it’s history,
sustaining a viable career and how to adjust to emerging technologies.
Through this dialog between us, I hope to gain a greater understanding
of you – your take on our business.

Let’s start with a bit about me.

My life has been immersed in the world of film and television
entertainment as far back as I can remember (with my parents filling
in what I don’t recall, like running through the house with mom’s
dishtowel around my neck, saving the world as Superman).

As I grew older, I enjoyed reading, acting, music, painting, drawing and of course, watching movies and television. One of
the first movies I remember my parents taking me to was STAR WARS
(before it was IV: A New Hope). I was captivated! As a boy I remember watching ALL
IN THE FAMILY, THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW and of course – Saturday Morning

The influence these movies and television shows had on me were
significant; I began to understand how these mediums could move an
audience to feel something…that each one in it’s own way told me a
story, be it through the visuals, the music, the editing and perhaps
most importantly, the on-camera performances.

Through high school and college, my life was pretty typical. Still, my
passion was calling.

I entered college at the University of Central Florida knowing that I
wanted to direct, and graduated with my first job
directing live (educational) television.

Since then I have worked for UCF twice, four broadcast stations in
town, one national cable network and a commercial film and video

Through it all, I have discovered that I’m still very much in love
with directing.

That’s a bit about me and my journey, but I’d love to hear from you. What’s your story?

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