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iStopmotion for iPad Can Add a Nice Touch to Your Video Projects

John DeMaio on August 1, 2012 - 9:31 am in Product Reviews

This past week I had the opportunity to review an app for the iPad called istopmotion. Now I’m not much of an animator and most of my work doesn’t require animation…however, I had an opportunity to play with this little app for a few hours and I must say that I had a blast. On top of that – I was able to really get my creative juices flowing. Let me show you how it works.

Getting started

The istopmotion interface is very easy to use. After launching the app, you get the home screen – which gives you the option to select from your gallery of videos or create a new one.


The gallery comes pre-loaded with a video tutorial that will help you get things moving. To get started with your own animation, just tap the plus sign on the bottom of the screen.

Stop motion

Now you’re ready to begin. Here’s your chance to get creative. You can choose to use either the front or back camera of the iPad. You have the ability to adjust exposure and focus.


Once you’ve set your shot, snap your first frame. Now move your objects in the way that you want to animate them – little movements at a time. Snap another pic. Move…take a pic…move…take a pic. It’s that easy.

You can add a grid overlay to line up your shots and you can also manipulate the speed of the animation in frames per second. You actually get quite a bit of control with this inexpensive app.

If you hold the iPad with your hands, you’ll notice a bit of a shake in your animation. I think it adds a creative touch to the animation in some cases. However, it might be a good idea to secure your iPad or phone on a flat surface to give it a nice steady base. Take some time to review the included video and you’ll get all the tips that you need to make this app sing.

Bottom Line

At first I thought this app was little more than a toy…but I can definitely see some creative uses for it in my daily work. You can use a still camera to accomplish some of the same things that istopmotion can do, but definitely not as easily or quickly. You get everything you need in one simple place.

It could really add a nice touch to graphics or even an animated open.  Get creative and incorporate some interesting backgrounds or even a green screen and your have a nifty little production tool to add to your bag of editing tricks.

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