/ About pA

First, the backstory….

Several years ago,  I noticed that the interns and graduates from film schools and Universities had a good knowledge of the theories behind film and video production.  But when it came to the actual hands-on work these poor kids were seriously lacking in the basics.

I’m not expecting interns to understand complex lighting design or how to deal with audio phasing issues, but I would expect them to understand how a C-stand operates or how to place a lav mic on the talent.  They were lacking the basics…the little stuff that we all take for granted.  Then I thought back to my experience in college and realized that there wasn’t enough time to go over all of this information. This was something that I picked up in the field…at my internship and during my first few years of working in the field.  But that seemed to change in the last seventeen years. 

Then one day, I was on a project where a very bright intern was given a task that was far beyond his skill set. He made a few mistakes and the producer went crazy. He yelled at this poor kid in front of the entire crew and it was the most painful ten minutes of my life – let alone, his.  So I decided to do something about it.

Production Apprentice was born

This is a website for learning. I don’t care if you’ve been in the business 20 years…or 20 minutes, we all have something new to learn each day. Whether it’s the latest large sensor camera gadget, or how to calibrate a monitor, my goal is to bring something new to you each week.

Now, with that being said…I work 7 days a week, 365 days a year (give or take a few days) as a freelance DP, Editor and Producer. Joe Dorsey and I also produce an educational travel show called Travel Thru History, that airs nationally each week….so I’m a pretty busy guy. I might miss a week or two here or there, but I’ll always come back to pA.

Some rules

It’s my site, so I’m going to lay down some ground rules – pay attention.

  1. Only participate if you have something positive to contribute. I don’t accept any trolling on any of the posts and I will delete any and all hurtful comments. 
  2. I will not review any items that I don’t personally use myself. So if you see a product review, you can bet that I keep it in my kit and use it frequently. Companies send me stuff all the time…you only see what I use. That’s why there aren’t any negative posts about gear. I want this to be a positive experience for everyone.
  3. I do this for free, so cut me some slack. I research everything that I write and it takes me a long time but occasionally I’m wrong. Please let me know. I will always update the post and give you a credit. When you do….refer to Rule number 1 above.
  4. If you use my site, tell your friends.  I have no idea how to make money off of this, but I would like to someday. Word of mouth may be the key to me breaking even on hosting this website.

That’s it. My passion for TV and Film production is what gets me up in the morning. I hope that I get to pass a little of that passion (and knowledge) along to you. If you have any questions, please send them my way. There are no dumb questions…I can guarantee it! Thanks for stopping by. I hope I can help you become the best (producer, editor, shooter, makeup artist, talent wrangler, transportation captain, best boy or pa) that you can be.

By the way…that kid that I was talking about in the story above….he turned out to be a bad-ass producer in LA. I made it my mission to personally teach him everything that I know about this biz. Not really sure that it helped much (he was a smart kid anyway) but I’m sure it didn’t hurt.